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Trust Video Series

Take advantage of our series of short, free, step-by-step videos that walk you through the entire trust process, and most everything else you should know when establishing a trust.  These carefully scripted videos draw from over 30 years’ experience and are designed to simulate the same instructions, discussions, explanations, procedures, and guidance that you would be given sitting in and through the typical law office trust process – except that you get to do it for free, at home, at your pace, according to your convenience and schedule. Give it a try and discover how easily you can learn the same kind of information it could otherwise cost thousands of dollars in hourly fees to learn.  (Think of it as paying yourself $500 an hour tax-free instead)

Series 1 Videos:
Why a Living Trust is the Only Intelligent Choice

Series 1 Videos

Many of you already know why you should have a trust — but just in case you don’t (or need a refresher) — these 6 short videos (totaling about 15 minutes) will give you a thorough understanding of why it is so important. (Much better than sitting through a seminar!). When you already know “why a trust” you can move on to the next two video series (series 2: the intake and information process and series 3: The explanation and purpose of each document)

Series 2 Videos:
The Intake and Information Process

Series 2 Videos

In every law office trust process, there is information you must furnish, issues you need to know about, and choices you must make. That is the subject of this video series 2. (Note: If you are single you can skip the first two videos.)  Once you’ve completed this portion of the process, you can move on to video series 3 (The explanation and purpose of each document).

Series 3 Videos:
Explanation and Purpose of Each Document

Series 3 Videos

In this section you will find a series of short videos that thoroughly explain each of your trust documents including their importance and purpose. If needed, they will also guide you how to properly execute and notarize each document.