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30+ Years Dedicated to Living Trusts

Established in 1988, the sole focus of the law practice has been exclusively on Living Trusts. We have completed trusts for over 12,000 satisfied clients.

Our lengthy client list includes numerous financial planners, lawyers, stockbrokers, and CPA’s, etc. These professionals utilize our office because they know the high quality of our product. Sometimes these professional advisors discover us first. Other times one of their clients does. Either way we start receiving referrals shortly thereafter. Truth is, referrals are our number one source of business – and we think that fact speaks volumes.

Our clients openly compliment us on the non-intimidating atmosphere, the friendliness, and the ease of establishing a trust through our office.

For over 30 years our mission has been to offer a top quality, comprehensive Living Trust package at an affordable price.
Regardless of your age, net worth, or marital status having a living trust is sound financial habit. For most, especially if own a house or have young children, it should be an important financial priority since it can otherwise leave your family extremely vulnerable. Simply “meaning to get to it” does not alter the reality that you leave your family extremely exposed. Those vulnerabilities are further magnified for young parents who have no established legal plan for their young or minor children. For the sake of your family, for the sake of your spouse, for the sake of your (young) children, we urge you to take care of this important matter and to avoid the common but mistaken tendency to put it off.
In essence we allow you to go through the entire process without obligation. You only pay if you are comfortable, happy with what you see and decide you want to sign and complete your trust.

Sue S.: A good friend recommended Affordable Living Trusts to me, and I am absolutely delighted by the experience.  I used their Trust by Mail offering advertised on their website.  I downloaded a packet of forms, read them at home & filled them out, and sent them back in.  Only a few days later, an envelope arrived at my house with all the forms ready to be notarized. I never had to go into the office or call them on the phone. I’ve heard from others that most lawyers will charge $2500 to put together a trust for you.  I paid $409 with Affordable Living Trust. 

Caroline P.: Annie, Barbara & Landis all helped to customize a will and trust for us.  Some of the most important steps were to educate us on what we need to do and the legal mechanics of how it works.  We also feel comfortable that we have a firm that we can go to if we have future questions or want to make changes.  They also worked quickly to get this trust/will in place in 1 week. Thanks to the Affordable Living Trust team – you guys are great!

Kelly R.: Helpful, informative and thorough! I would, and have, recommended affordable living trusts.

Kimberly S.: Annie and Barbara did a fantastic job on implementing a living trust, spill over wills, powers of attorney etc in a professional, efficient and budget friendly manner.  I have been recommending them to everyone with out a trust! Thank you!

K.D.: Happy happy happy.  I recommended a couple of friends do their trust recently at Affordable Living Trust.  They gave me some great feedback that I can use with other friends and family. The staff at the office was able to meet with them on short notice.  They reside in the central valley, 150 miles away.  Since the office works as a team, they were able to be serviced on multiple levels. In the city were they reside, the average cost is $1,500 to $5,000 dollars.  Accommodatingly, they were able to complete the trust with one visit.  With their unique situation, the lawyers consult them extensively with their desired goals.  Advised them of the pros and cons of their estate plan.  Both are middle aged and divorced.  Love each other enough to get married.  But for many reasons, financial, estate planning, tax and family reasons, they decided not to marry. Out the door with multiple copies of the trust, deeds of their home notarized, they walked out the door for $850.  Glad fully, they took me to a very nice dinner with the money saved.  My belly is full and I’m happy.

John S.: Excellent, thorough and friendly!  They explained in great detail the entire process and differences in types of trusts.  Annie is super friendly and makes the visits enjoyable as well as informative.  We have already referred our friends and family, many of who have used them too.  They have also answered questions after the fact that have come up during refinancing our home, etc, so they weren’t just there to push you through, they still continue to provide great service!

Debbie S.: I had a great experience at “Affordable Living Trust” and have referred them to family, friends & clients.  The experience was extremely simple and very informative.  We had two visits.  One to go over all the information and make decisions and the second to pick up the completed Trust and go over what our part was from then on.  I did receive a binder that I have referred back to many times as well as a master copy of everything that we were advised to put in to a safe deposit box which we did.  They do also offer an electronic copy of your Trust for an additional fee as well.  The fee for the whole package was extremely affordable compared to most law offices.  If I want the over the top fancy office then I am going to have to pay for that in the cost of my Trust.  So far I do not believe that expensive floors and fancy suits mean I am getting better service or a better product.  I like the fact that this is all they do at “Affordable Living” Trust hence the name.  They also offer free workshops to give you an overall view of the need for a trust in the first place.  If you like what they have to say then give them a call you will not be disappointed.