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Forms for Completing a Trust

  • In every law office trust process there is information you must furnish, issues you need to know about, and choices you must make.
  • We’ve created a convenient, free, and no obligation online form with helpful videos to walk you through these steps. The form is easy to complete, doesn’t take much time, and the save and resume feature even allows you to work through it in parts.
  • Simply put, completing this part of the process is the springboard towards protecting your family and estate!
  • (Note: If you prefer to read or submit paper forms, PDF versions of our forms are also available for download and are accessible in the section immediately following the Online Forms)

(Strongly Recommended)

  • EFFICIENT: We highly recommend using our online form (which you can access below). It is the the most efficient method for completing the intake and information process — and eliminates misinterpretations of handwritten information.
  • EDUCATIONAL: Our online form includes informative videos to help you understand the process and learn about the issues.
  • FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION: There is no obligation or cost to go through this intake and information form.
  • CONVENIENT: The form is easy to complete, doesn’t take much time and allows you to save and resume later.
  • PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL: We do not receive any of your data unless you click the submit button.
  • Those with appointments should please submit before the scheduled time.
  • Please click the appropriate form below:
In-Office Married Trust Online Form
In-Office Single Trust Online Form
Trust-by-Mail Married Online Form
Trust-by-Mail Single Online Form


  • We realize there are those who still like to review matters on paper in their lounge chair, etc. If that’s you, you are welcome to download and print the appropriate PDF of our Intake Packet (below), which is a near exact duplication of the information gathering and disclosures on the online form. Please be aware however, even if you review the PDF, you must still complete the online form. 

  • If for some reason you would rather not (or cannot) complete the online form, you have the option to complete and submit the paper packet instead for an additional $50.  Since it is a fill-able PDF, when possible, we still ask you to use your computer fill out the Questionnaire and Real Estate portions, as it helps to avoid misinterpretations of handwritten information. That said, we understand that there are those (especially many of the elderly) who aren’t online. Thus, where there is good reason that anyone is unable to use the online form, will waive this charge at our sole discretion.
PDF of In-Office Married Trust Form
PDF of In-Office Single Trust Form
PDF of Trust-by-Mail Married Form
PDF of Trust-by-Mail Single Form