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A Quality, Comprehensive Trust for $499

From A Law Office Dedicated to Trusts For Over 30 Years

Affordable Trusts by Mail


For those of you who wish to leave your estate equally to your children (spouse first if married), we are now offering you the opportunity to complete your living trust by mail through our law office for $499 (certain conditions apply). This is potentially thousands of dollars less than that charged by many law offices (and even less than many non-attorney services). So before you overpay for a trust, we suggest taking a risk free look at our all-inclusive package (we offer a full money back guarantee).
If you are like our many clients you’ll be happy you did!

This is the same time-tested, comprehensive trust and package that our in-office clients receive, one we believe equals or surpasses trusts costing thousands of dollars, and most importantly (when the time came) it is a trust that has passed the ultimate real world test of performing flawlessly for so many families.

We are so confident you’ll be happy with our trust-by-mail, we back it with a 30 day satisfaction, money-back guarantee. This allows you to see for yourself, risk free, the quality, completeness, and comprehensiveness of our package.

In addition to clear written instructions, we include videos to help walk you through the trust process from completing the intake material, to thoroughly explaining each of your trust documents and much, much more. These videos draw from over 30 years experience and take you through the same issues, procedures, instructions, and advice that you would be given sitting right in front of us – except that you get to do it at home, at your pace, according to your convenience and schedule.

Whether you have questions that arise before, during, or after your trust, getting answers to most questions shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. That is why we have built one of the most informative, complete, and comprehensive websites on living trusts. Here, you can learn most everything you need to know, and find detailed explanations and answers to the common issues and questions that surround living trusts (and much, much more).

No matter how or where you complete your trust there is information you must furnish, issues you need to know about, and choices you must make. We strive for complete transparency and to take the mystery (and thus the excessive charges) out of the process, pricing, issues, and information you seek. So, you can either go through it here for free, at your pace, according to your convenience and schedule — or — pay dearly for a highly formalized, drawn out process that takes up a great deal more of your time to get you to the same end. The choice is yours!