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Understanding & Signing The
Guardianship For Minor Children

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This Document Is Necessary Only If You Have Minor Children

Assuming you have minor children, the function of this document is to nominate guardians for your minor children in case something happens to you (both of you if you are married). If you do not have minor children you can ignore this document.

Guardians Are Always Subject To Court Approval

Nomination of guardianship is always potentially subject to court approval and generally the courts honor who you nominate — but it is not an absolute. An obvious example is if you nominated someone who was a mass murderer or convicted child molester. You would want the court to be able to override this.

Please Sign and Date Your Document Right Away.

Assuming you wish to proceed,  you should sign and date this document right away.

Always Double Check The Notary

Again, when you have this document notarized, make sure that the notary stamps, fills in and signs all parts of the notarial area.