As of January 1, 2011 there is a new “Exemption Portability Law” that greatly simplifies estate-tax planning between spouses. This could be the most significant development affecting married Living Trust planning in years. LEARN MORE NOW

Our No Obligation Offer
Through thousands of clients we have found that what most often paralyzes folks from completing a living trust are misperceptions and uncertainties about what is involved, how much it costs, what law office to choose, and worries about being financially obligated or committed to lawyer. That is why we have dedicated our law office process to removing these barriers and doing everything we can to help you complete this important matter.

We take the risk, mystery, and intimidation out of the process
To reach out to the many of you who would like to protect your family but just need a little encouragement, direction and help to get it done, we offer a low pressure, open opportunity to see just how easy and reasonably-priced completing your living trust can be! For no charge or obligation we’ll meet with you, show you what you need, discuss the issues, answer your questions, guide you through the paperwork, draft your trust, go over the documents and literally walk you through the entire living trust process without you having to commit one dime to us. We know of no other law office willing to go to these lengths as most see it as giving away too much time. We see it as investing ours.

We are confident enough to put our time on the line, our work on the line and then let you decide.
At our office, you only pay if you are comfortable, happy with what you see and decide you want to sign and complete your trust. We won’t pressure you. We won’t try to up-sell other services or products. We just offer education, explanation and help. After that it is up to you.

This is simply the best way we know to remove barriers, show you who we are, what’s involved, and that getting this important matter done is a lot easier than what most folks think. Truly, almost every client has told us that they would have “done it a long time ago if they had known it would be this painless”. We are happy to to show you likewise.

Why Do We Offer This?
We know that if we facilitate the process and make people comfortable with it most want to finish what they intuitively know they should have. The answer is as simple as that!


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