Living Trust Pricing & Package

Most Can Enjoy Our Best In-Office Base Pricing of $699* Simply by Completing The Information Packet:

We don’t achieve reasonable pricing by cutting corners on the quality of our trust package; we do it by giving you the tools and path that help make it a more efficient process. For most, that path to enjoying our best in-office base price of $699* is simply through completing and submitting our intake / informational packet ahead of any appointment time. This allows us (and you) to be better prepared when you walk in the door and saves valuable law office time (which translates into a lower cost to you). Not only is this packet easy and understandable as written, we also supplement it with short, step-by-step videos that literally walk you through the entire trust process from what we include (and what should be included); to completing the intake material; to clearly explaining your trust documents and all of the important surrounding issues; and even to Why a Living Trust is the only intelligent choice if you need to know.

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It is impossible to properly evaluate living trust pricing without knowing what is included and what’s not. Many times important documents are not included in an offer or inflated add-on charges apply for necessary items — so be sure to account for this in when comparing. Also remember that when you work with a law office, all information and communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege and by law must be held in the strict confidence. That is not the case with non-attorneys (read about trust scams below)! Your trust package includes:

  • Our Comprehensive Living Trust: A comprehensive, real world tested law office trust backed by over 25 years of dedicated trust experience that includes sub-trusts for minor children, exemption sub-trusts, and nomination of your successor trustees.
  • A Master Transfer & Assignment of Assets that acts to generally assign and declare your assets to be governed by your trust
  • Pour-Over” Wills that act as an emergency backup to your trust
  • Nomination of Guardianship for naming those you wish to act as your minor children’s legal guardians.
  • Advanced Health Care Directives, which replace the outdated Living Will and Power of Attorney for Health Care formats.
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, which allow you to appoint an agent to act on your behalf regarding financial matters beyond the reach of your trust.
  • Community Property Agreement (maybe the most valuable of all!) For married couple we also include a community property agreement, which is often the single most valuable component in married estate planning yet it isn’t even offered in many trust packages. Suffice it to say that the community property agreement has allowed countless surviving spouses to shelter hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars from income taxation.

       Additional Charges apply as follows:

  • $75 for each California Transfer Deed and Recording Documents for titling your California Real Property in your trust. (Out of state properties are individually quoted.)
  • $5 per Notarized Signature
  • $26 Material & Copying

(For A Detailed Explanation of Each of The Above Documents Click Here)

Beware of Trust Scams & Remember You Are Only Protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege of Confidentiality When You Work With a Law Office: We think there are many self-evident reasons to work with a law office in competing your trust and if you are really going to do a fair comparison begin by considering we are a law office with over 25 years experience dedicated exclusively to California living trusts.  Also remember that when you work with a law office, all information and communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege and by law must be held in the strictest of confidence. That is not the case with non-attorneys. In fact just the opposite occurs in many cases as there are many unscrupulous, non-attorney, trust companies that put on seminars, sell trusts, then use or pass along your information for the purposes of up-selling you annuities, insurance and other “financial packages”. Beware of trust scams!                       Read More………

Overview of What Triggers Up-Charges

If You Need or Want Additional Time: We allocate a generous amount of our law office time towards completing your trust for our best price and offer most every opportunity to do so — yet occasionally some clients require or want more time than most. For example, by not completing the packet much of your law office time will instead be diverted and spent on these fairly routine matters – and this will likely mean more appointments will be needed to complete your trust (meaning increased costs to you). Sometimes special circumstances make additional time necessary, other times it is simply “personal preference”. (Curiously, it seldom has to do with the size of the estate!)  In essence, rather than charging everyone a higher base price our pricing philosophy has evolved to only charging more to those whose needs, complexities, and additional time requirements make it appropriate.  Yet even in such cases our pricing is usually far below that of most other law offices.

Complete or Large Exclusions of Any Spouse, Child, or First Line Intestate Heir ($500 additional):

Anyone is of course free to give away their estate to whomever they please yet that doesn’t change the fact that we presently live in a highly litigious environment. The unfortunate consequence of this is that  whenever you exclude a spouse, child, or very close family member this increases the odds of a legal challenge. While nothing can ever stop someone from filing a legal challenge we feel compelled to try to make it more difficult. That is why under such circumstances we go to extra lengths to further document intentional exclusions of close family members. Since this involves significantly more  time and documentation we must impose an additional minimum charge of $500.

Extraordinarily Complex, Overly Lengthy, or Overreaching Inheritance Provisions

Even under our base pricing, we are able to accommodate most clients’ needs and wishes in drafting their desired inheritance provisions. Occasionally however we run into some who ask for extraordinarily complex, lengthy, or restrictive inheritance provisions. Not only do such provisions require significantly more attorney drafting they also typically involve the need for a great deal of attorney discussion. Additional charges for this will vary according to circumstances but will be a minimum of $350.


Keeping Your Appointment Also Helps Us Maintain Our Affordable Pricing:

Whenever a short notice cancellation or failure to show occurs, our office suffers a very significant loss (as it is nearly impossible for us to fill a suddenly abandoned appointment slot). The overall impact of this is that we cannot possibly keep a low pricing structure in an environment where clients fail to honor the appointments they book or otherwise cancel with short notice. This is why we respectfully ask that you please do your part to help us maintain lower pricing by keeping any appointment you requested and scheduled. Thank you.